Doing Enough

March 7, 2018

This week was the start of our newest Meditation Series: You Are Enough. The next 3 weeks, we will be exploring Doing Enough, Having Enough & Being Enough. As we introduced doing enough this week, our focus was on the FEELING of doing enough.

Often, when we are striving, rushing, or trying for perfection the feeling is one of a hardness. An inflexibility. The antidote to too much, to busy-ness and to striving is a suppleness. A tenderness. Can we soften ourselves to be truly present to the activity of the moment, rather than bulldozing through as many as possible in this second?

Join me for this week’s discussion and meditation.


In this final installment we look at the last component of living and loving with our whole hearts. We consider the possibility of authentic, deep human connection.

We are biologically driven to connect AND we unknowingly sabotage ourselves time and again through fear – fear of not belonging, of not being accepted as we are. So often we simply view others as ‘having something you want’ or ‘in the way’…

Join me today for a discussion and meditation on connection.

In the words of EM Forster, “Only connect.”


In the second episode of my Real Life Real Love series, we talk compassion. My understanding and practice of compassion is the belief that it is ALL about connecting with heart and without judgment. The very basis of compassion is acceptance, and acceptance brings us right back to ourselves…

To be compassionate, we must start at ground zero. We must start with self-compassion. We draw compassion from the wholeness of our experiences. We know our darkness so we can sit with the darkness of others.

This talk focuses on the components of self-compassion as a practice. Join me for today; lay down your secret weapons of self and practice this softer way.


This class is the first of 3 in my new series: Real Life. Real Love.

In this unique series, I am sharing my personal work of combining Brene Brown’s shame-resiliency curriculum and my understanding of meditation. I am using Brown’s book, “The Gifts of Imperfection”, as our guidepost for inspiring deep awakening in meditation. This series uses meditation as the tool for living and loving with your whole heart.

Today’s talk and meditation is focused on courage – specifically, to let meditation give you the courage to be who you are. Brown reminds us, “if we want to fully experience love & belonging, we must believe that we are worthy of love & belonging.”

Join me for a deeper look at the work of courage.


Creativity & Faith

January 30, 2018

Sharon Salzberg defines faith as the “learning to trust our own deepest experience.”

Mark Nepo encourages us, “the more we lean into life, the brighter our flame.”

The last 3 weeks, we have explored the elements needed for a sustainable meditation practice. Now, I’m offering a summation and an invitation… Join me for a brief talk and guided meditation meant to brighten our flame and awaken our aliveness.


Begin Again: Part 3 of 3

January 24, 2018

Today’s class is the 3rd installment in our Begin Again series. This series was designed to help you start and maintain a consistent meditation practice, and today’s offering is, for me at least, the most important element in keeping a meditation practice consistent –


Sangha is both a community and a deep spiritual practice. Sangha is the love, understanding and support for our own journey. Like many of you, I started my meditation practice by finding an app and trying to do it at home. I was gung-ho at first; excited to be doing this thing that was supposed to change everything for the better….

But, somewhere in that 10 – 21 day mark, I got a little bored. Nothing was really happening. There were too many “more important” to dos on that daily list. I just sort of… FORGOT…

Sangha is the piece that helped me remember. Grab your headphones and join me for a talk and a sit today. Join me in this community <3 #meditatewithmeryl


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