Deep Speaking

August 16, 2018

When is the last time you said, “I don’t know much about that issue. Tell me more about your thoughts on it?”

Brene Brown asks this question in her latest book Braving The Wilderness, and it truly stopped me in my tracks. I hadn’t taken the time to notice that I expected myself to have an opinion on EVERYTHING, even things I knew little about…

This week’s episode is about Deep Speaking – speaking from a place of authenticity and integrity – rather than simply talking to affirm our ego. The only way to do this is to work with what we hear when we really listen without filtering by
– what we know
– what we believe
– what we understand
– what we have previously said

Mark Nepo reminds us, “speaking deeply has something to do with letting things pass through our heart as they are.”

Join me for today’s dharma talk and guided meditation; this week I invite you to join me in speaking deeply rather than simply talking.


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Deep Listening

August 8, 2018

This month’s meditation series is titled Deeper Connection, and it is all about how our meditation practice translates off the mat. I am so excited to explore this with y’all because really this is my meditation passion.

I don’t meditate because it feels good {although often it does} or looks cool {clearly it does} or because “mindfulness” is all the rage these days. I meditate because I am a mom, a business owner, a partner and I live in city with some of the country’s worst traffic. Stress isn’t going anywhere so I decided to find a new way to relate to it. I meditate because I want to enjoy my life – all of it – even the traffic-y parts!

This series is going to examine how we pull our meditation experiences off the cushion through deep listening, deep speaking & deep questioning.

Tune into today’s episode as we delve into deep listening through discussion and a guided meditation at the end.

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This week’s meditation is a final look at ritual within our practice. I’m the first to admit my practice doesn’t always feel especially ritualistic or spiritual. Often, I meditate in my living room while my son watches TV nearby. My partner getting ready for work in the other room. There is noise, distraction, and lots of real life interruptions. And, yet, regardless of whether I meditate in a silent, retreat space filled with candles and incense or at home with my son asking “how much longer???” one hundred times, there is something sacred to me within this practice.

The ritual, for me, is the moment I silently breath in the words, “Now is my time to meditate.” I say this at the beginning of every meditation. It is my way of stepping into this sacred practice no matter where I am, how I feel or what is going on around me.

In this week’s episode of The Mindful Minute, I share a few rituals that have inspired me recently and we look at balancing the mundane with the enlightened. We discuss the idea that ritual or spiritual practice is a lens with which we view the world. How do you keep your practice sacred?

Tune into this week’s talk and guided meditation, and be sure to share your rituals with me {holler at @sacredchillwest or @merylarnett on Instagram with your practices!}.

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The Shout of Joy

July 25, 2018

In a recent class, I shared a little about a Pranava – 

Pranava {another word for the sacred syllable OM} is often defined as:

“The shout of joy that came before everything.”
“The hum of expansive joy permeating the universe.”
“The sound of the universe saying yes to creation.”

What really caught my attention here is the use of the word “joy”. Because creation isn’t necessarily happy or fun all the time, right? There is pain in expansion, constant change, death…. So the idea that joy permeates everything begs the question – 

Do we need to redefine joy?

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we explore the meaning behind “joy” and the practice of saying YES to yourself and your experiences.

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In the last installment of this month’s meditation series, we are diving into the third main cause of everyday suffering – Ignorance.

You know the saying, “Ignorance is bliss”? Well, perhaps obviously, it is not true! The moment we ignore something, hide from it, or push it deep down inside it starts to seep into our everyday thoughts and reactions. It colors even the most benign conversations until we find ourselves constantly thinking, “why did I fly off the handle so quickly today?” “Why am I constantly getting upset?”…

Happily, our meditation practice offers us the first step in addressing this often unconscious ignoring – meditation asks us to Be With Whatever Arises.

Be with it.

Not ignore it. Not change it, or run from it. Be with it.

We must learn how to how to not look away, to be curious and kind to ourselves amidst all the feelings.

In today’s episode, we talk about in depth about our subconscious tendency towards ignorance and some tools to shine the light of awareness on this habit. As always, we end with a 20 minute guided meditation.

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Have you ever had one of these days –
you wake up late.
you spill coffee on your clothes.
your forget your cell phone and have to turn around.
you hit….

me too. And, for me at least, the feeling I keep noticing on days like this is a feeling of ANGER. Any one of those little things would be nothing at all, but somehow when compiled it becomes a hot mess of “not okay” and one of our primary responses as humans is one of aggression.

Aggression is one of the three primary causes of suffering identified by meditators of long ago. Last week, we talked about grasping (another cause of suffering); grasping happens as we try to get things JUST RIGHT. The right job, the right house, the right income, and THEN I’ll be happy….

Aggression comes into play when amidst all our grasping we realize things still aren’t just right. They are off in some way so we immediately go into blame mood. “If I could just figure out WHY then I could fix it…”
But, trying to find a reason for the minutia of our lives is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Instead, it is helpful to address the aggression itself. To turn inward and listen. After all, our ability to be non-aggressive with others is directly related to our ability to be non-aggressive within ourselves.

Join me for today’s talk on aggression, the meditation ritual we will work with, and a 20-minute practice at the end.

Be sure to connect with me on social media to share your thoughts; does aggression come into play for you? When do you most notice it?

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