For The Mamas

May 11, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day, mamas! This short meditation is a chance to sit and be with it all. Being a mother is its own complex mess of emotions, feelings and thoughts. And, we are here for it. All of it. Celebrating the joys, the sorrows, the triumphs and the defeats. Celebrating the mundane and the magnificent. We are here for it. We are here for each other. Happy Mother’s Day.

This month’s meditation series is titled “The Conditions for Magic” and it was inspired by a quote I first heard from Susan Piver and later learned originated from Julia Cameron –

“The first rule of magic is containment.”

In this first of 3 episodes, we will start with our container. With the foundation. We aren’t talking about magic in the mystical sense or the Harry Potter sense…. For me, when thinking about magic, I think of –

A life lived with curiosity rather than fear, with engagement rather than numbness, and with joy rather than judgment.

In the engaged life, magic is a SKILL. And, we obtain skills through practice. In this way, meditation is our container, and even more specifically, the posture we take during meditation is our most primal container. For my personal practice, this realization was a BIG distinction. The meditation itself is not the magic; it is the foundation from which magic is accessible. In our daily lives. In the minutiae.

What does magic mean for you? Join me for today’s talk + meditation and be sure to share your comments with me via Facebook/Instagram/Email {@merylarnett or}


Why We Struggle

May 2, 2018

It is said that much of our struggle is caused by a forgetting of who we really are. A forgetting of our connectedness, and instead being consumed with our separateness.

Our meditation practice, our awakening, is a widening of the lens; it is seeing it all – our limited views, our vastness, our struggle, our hope.

In today’s episode I share a few of my favorite voices, Mark Nepo, Maria Popova, and Natalie Batalha. We’ll look at hope, cynicism, interstellar space, and how we open our hearts.

This final talk about awakening reminds us that this is a heart-centered practice, our vastness, our connectedness is remembered through our hearts not our heads.


Ordinary Mind is the Way

April 26, 2018

All of April I’ve been talking about ways to Awaken. Simple, real ways to open our eyes and access joy in the moments that make up our lives. And, I feel like awakening is such a perfect topic to tie-into meditation because meditation IS a practice of gently opening our eyes to the possibility of joy. Right here. Right now.

In today’s episode, we will explore the difference between trying to meditate and meditating. We will challenge ourselves with idea that there is no flaw in the moment that is taking place right now.

In a little twist, I’ll share a bit about the Zen practice of Koans. This is not my lineage nor my personal practice, but I was so moved by this particular story and teaching from John Tarrant that I wanted to share it with you all as well!

Join me for a discussion on ordinary mind, awakening and the patience of ordinary things followed by a 20-minute meditation.


Traditionally, renunciation meant relinquishing all material comforts, desires, and relationships in the interest of spiritual enlightenment. And, while we don’t need to go to those extremes, I’ve found it incredibly helpful on my own path to occasionally ask, “what can I give up in support of my practice?”

This question was first posed to me by my meditation teacher, Susan Piver, and I thought about it for days… Was it supposed to be something concrete like giving up gluten or TV or wine? Was it supposed to be more ethereal like letting go of judgment, expectations, self-doubt…?

In the end, where I landed was that there is no “supposed to be” here. There is no right answer. There is only YOUR answer. What can you give up in support of your practice?

Join me for this brief talk {there is a pretty specific breakdown of what we are actually “doing” in meditation near minute 4:30) and 20-minute meditation experience.


In our quest to Awaken this month, we started our practice last week with the reminder to keep it simple. To allow ourselves to gently focus on our efforts without adding too much to it.

This week, we continue to encourage our eyes to open with Discipline. I know, I know… it sounds a little harsh. BUT, in many traditional teachings what we find is that discipline is synonymous with JOY. Yes, joy. How could this be so? I believe it is because within structure we find freedom. Within stability, creativity thrives.

Join me this week for an exploration on discipline, judgment and joy as well as a 20-minute meditation at the end. How will applying discipline to your practice aid in your awakening? I hope you’ll try it and let me know what you find.



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