Begin Again: Part 2 of 3

January 16, 2018

This week we learn about taking refuge inside our practice. We learn about Dharma – the teachings. the path. the Truth. – and, we learn how this affects change.

Join me for the 2nd class in our 3 week series designed to help us build a consistent meditation practice.

If you want to skip right to the meditation, start at minute 7:15.


Begin Again: Part 1 of 3

January 8, 2018

I couldn’t be more excited to share this class with you all. This is the first in a new 3-week offering – Begin Again. This series is designed to offer you the essential teachings to start and, more importantly, MAINTAIN a meditation practice!!

Today’s class focuses on the first of the 3 critical elements: our own desire for wakefulness. Mark Nepo defines wakefulness in this way –
“Wakefulness is not a destination but a song the human heart keeps singing, the way birds keep singing at the first sign of light.”

Please join me today and for the next two weeks as we build a sustainable meditation practice. I’d love for you to connect with me through Facebook or Instagram and let me know how your practice is going!

If you’d like to skip right to the meditation, start at minute 9:06


I wrote you guys a little story… poem… parable :-)The last few weeks have been the PERFECT example of how a meditation practice can fall by the wayside in the blink of an eye.

We start with focus and good intention and then one little thing disrupts our schedule and BAM… it’s 3 months later?!

So, this is for you. For those of you that want to start a meditation practice for the first time. Or, the 400th time… Today is the day to Begin Again.

If you want to jump right to the meditation, start at minute 6:18.

And, be sure to tune in the next 3 weeks as I share the 3 critical elements of a consistent meditation practice.


Walking meditation can be a soulful commune with nature; it can also be a quick escape from the holiday chaos when you need a moment to rebalance. Consider it a healthier version of the smoke-break 🙂

Pop in some earbuds, step outside (you only need enough room to take about 10 steps) and clear away whatever it is that you’ve got simmering on the inside…

Happy Holidays, dear souls!



When We Forget

December 12, 2017

Today’s meditation offering is for when we forget. When we forget who we want to be in the world and how we want to act… When we get caught in stress/fear/anger and fall into our habitual ways of thinking.

Today’s practice is the reminder that we ALL forget. Often even daily, we forget our intentions. The whole point of the practice is to awaken to that forgetting and kindly come back.

Join me today for our own coming back, our own awakening.

If you’d like to skip right to the meditation, start at minute 4:50.


Seeing Others

December 5, 2017

Have you noticed that when we are in our bubble of stress or overwhelm that we stop seeing other people as actual people? They simply become someone in the way…

Today’s meditation is a glimpse into our heartspace and an invitation to soften, to find tenderness towards ourselves and others in moments of stress.

Carve out 20 minutes for today’s talk and meditation or skip to minute 5:18 to go right to today’s meditation.



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