Sacred Power

What is power? What is your relationship to your inner power? Where does power come from in your body? Can we be both deeply compassionate and powerful? Are the two even different? These are some of the guiding questions that we will continually explore in our NEW class, Sacred Power.
This yoga class is designed to stoke your inner fire, access deep alignment, and build strength while exploring the dynamic interplay of both vinyasa {flow} and stillness. Some sweat. Some Chill. All Sacred; this class will include core work (of the physical and meditation type), some longer holds of standing poses, and move at a moderate pace to allow time for mindful shifts and transitions. We’ll end with long held restorative poses and of course savasana.

Some yoga experience recommended.

Class Information

 Number of Week12
 Open: February 1, 2018
 8:30 am - 9:45 am
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