This month, our meditation series has worked on arriving home in the heart. Week one, we focused on the simplicity of claiming our hearts as a rightful home. Not just for yoga gurus and earthy-hippie types, all of us intrinsically know our hearts as home. How easily we forget though…

Then, we talked about the discipline of staying once we make the bold declaration to claim our hearts as home. We have to stay even when things get vulnerable and uncomfortable. For it is only in staying that we can truly know the comfort, safety and joy of home.

In this last piece, we will look at renunciation, but not in the ways you might think! Traditionally, part of the meditation practice was to give up all distractions and non-essential activities so focus could remain solely on meditation. As we practice being at home in the heart, our renunciation looks a little different. We must invoke Marie Kondo within our practice!

Marie Kondo, an organizational expert, is known for her credo to only keep things that “spark joy” and for everything else, thank it and release it. My invitation today is to do this for all that we store in our hearts – the stories, beliefs and memories – if it sparks joy, keep it! If it doesn’t, thank that piece of yourself and release it. Uncluttering our hearts so we can be clearer and more connected with ourselves <3 PS. Did you know I have a FREE meditation guide on my website? It is a must-have for starting a home meditation practice! Grab it via #meditatewithmeryl Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

“Attention without feeling is merely a report.” ~Mary Olivier

In part 1 of this series, we talked about the value and simplicity of claiming our hearts as home. We are doing the work of reclaiming our bodies, our feelings and our intuition as necessary tools for a fully lived life.

And, now, now that we have claimed it, we must have the discipline to stay. There is real value to staying when things get uncomfortable. If we constantly leave – if we run away or ignore or pretend – then we never learn of our own strength and resilience.

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute we discuss discipline as a key tool to arriving home in the heart. Join me for today’s talk + practice, and then jump on Instagram {@merylarnett} and tell me about your experience with staying when things get uncomfortable…

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Our meditation practice is a tool to help us reintegrate within our own being. To learn how to feel again. To listen to our gut, our intuition, and our hearts.

Many of us start a practice wondering, “ what does feel my breath mean?” “What do you mean feel the center of my chest?”

We learn at an early age to modify, tamp down or ignore emotion to fit in socially, and without practice, we can go our whole lives without tapping into our own inner wisdom. Happily, learning to feel again is a simple practice.

To be at home in the heart, we simply need to take up residence there. A house is a home because our coffee mug is sitting on the counter where we left it this morning. The kids’ artwork is on the fridge. And the couch sags a bit in the corner where we snuggle up to unwind each night…. It’s home because we know it deeply and intimately. We spend time there.

The same is true of our hearts. We can know our hearts as home when we claim it to be home.

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore the heart space in talk and in practice. And, be sure to join me next week as discuss the discipline it takes to stay. ♥️

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How Is This My Life?!

January 31, 2019

I’ve been in a reflective mood lately – a new baby and big birthdays will do that to you… And, this past weekend, I caught myself wondering “How is this my life?”

“How did I get here?”

These questions were asked with joy, amazement and gratitude for this moment in my life, and I was aware that often these questions are asked amidst suffering. Often this questions hurt because

1. You LOVE the moment you are in and don’t want it to change {and you know it will…}

2. This is a difficult moment and it feels like it will NEVER change…

Two sides of the same coin – impermanence. Everything changes.

In today’s episode we will discuss this ever-changing life, how to approach change without despair and instead to approach by just doing the next right thing. Join me for discussion and a 20-minute meditation practice at the end.

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Activate {part 3 of 3}

January 24, 2019

This whole series is about taking action. Doing the thing. Not only observing but also participating in your life.

When moving towards what we want we must acknowledge the hard work AND keep going. Nurturing what we love most and the reasons for moving toward it in the first place.

In Mindfulness, this part of the practice is compassion. It is learning to be with ourselves through the fullness of our experience. The grit, the glory and whatever else lies in between…

IF you are present to the feelings in your body.
IF you are non-judgmental about the day-to-day work.
IF you can practice compassion in the difficult moments.

Well, then, you can be sure you are activating around your personal intentions! <3 #meditatewithmeryl photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Activate {part 2 of 3}

January 17, 2019

Welcome to the second installment of our Activate series. This series is all about not only crafting intelligent goals/resolutions/intentions for ourselves, but also taking the bold actions needed to make them happen.

This week, we take the quality of non-judgment (critical to our meditation practice) and apply it to our pursuit of what we most want. We practice letting go of the end result and instead trust in our devotion to the process. We activate through non-judgment.

Join me for today’s talk and practice on the elements of presence and non-judgment as the dynamic duo of action!

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