Private Lessons
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Private yoga + meditation offerings are some of my favorite experiences to create.

For individual students, private lessons are for anyone who wants to grow their yoga or meditation practice. For some, private lessons are an opportunity to practice when studio schedules don’t match your schedule. For some, private lessions are to learn how to practice with or after an injury or illness. For some, it is to learn the deeper aspects of a meditation practice and the philosophies that support it. Whatever your desired intention might be, private lessons can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. Lessons are available in person and virtually.

For companiesI have several years experience creating lunch n’ learns, weekly classes and one day events focused on mindfulness in the workplace. Wondering why you should bring mindfulness into your workplace?

Mindfulness meditation is a simple, secular meditation practice that has been proven to improve happiness, health and productivity with as little as 10-minutes a day of practice. Benefits include:

Less Stress
Studies find that mindfulness reduces feelings of stress and improves anxiety and distress when placed in a stressful social situation.

More Focus
Numerous studies show improved attention, focus and the ability to ignore distractions, including better performance on objective tasks that measure attention.

Easier Teamwork
People randomly assigned to mindfulness training are more likely to help someone in need and have greater self-compassion.

Happier Employees
Mindfulness is associated with emotion regulation across a number of studies. Mindfulness creates changes in the brain that correspond to less reactivity, and better ability to engage in tasks even when emotions are activated.

Some of my clients include companies such as SCAD, Georgia’s Own Credit Union, Fallon Benefits Group, Spanx and more.

In-Person Programs:

45-Minute Introduction to Mindfulness
Let’s begin with an introduction to Mindfulness. Meryl will spend 20 – 25 minutes introducing the practice of mindfulness, why it matters, and debunking common myths around meditation. We will have a 10 minute meditation together and then we will have some time for Q&A.

Participants will leave with a clear idea of what mindfulness meditation is and how to do it. Resources will be provided so participants can start practicing at home immediately.


3-Week Mindfulness Meditation Series
To truly develop a mindfulness practice, we will spend 3 weeks diving into the elements of a mindfulness practice and how to implement these techniques at home and in the office. This series is a 45-minute, in-person session held weekly for three weeks. This exploration will directly support participants’ ability to feel calmer, clearer and more present during their day.

Our 3-week series will explore:
Presence stopping our habitual reactions and coming into the present moment.
Non-Judgment releasing the negativity bias, observing our experience and our reaction
Compassion relaxing into our response to self and others

Virtual Program:

6-week Virtual Introduction to Mindfulness
This series is a 6-week program comprised of 20-minute weekly, virtual lessons on mindfulness. Each lesson includes a guided practice, as well as daily practice instructions to guide employees to build their own meditation practice.

Over the course of this series, we will explore:

Week 1: Start Where You Are – What is mindfulness & why should I be practicing?

Week 2: Learning to Breath – start changing your stress levels here!

Week 3: Non-judgment (real but not true)

Week 4: The Myth of Stress

Week 5: Self-Compassion

Week 6: Compassion for others

Participants will receive a video each week for 6 weeks, a digital meditation journal, and be invited to two virtual Q&A calls over the course of 6-weeks.

Employees will finish with a clear understanding of what mindfulness meditation is and how to do it.

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