According to the ancient sages, the Self has three basic qualities:

The Self is ever-present.

The Self is aware of itself and everything else.

The Self is joyful.

In this month’s meditation series, we are going to explore these three qualities in terms of modern-day life. What do these three qualities mean, and why do they matter to you as you navigate today’s version of ‘normal’?

These teachings help us to access the part of ourselves that provides a steady and calm knowing amidst the constantly changing whirlwind of daily life. Rather than spend all day, every day lost in the circle of thoughts – school, work, bills, health, equity, justice –  we can learn to rest in the steadiness and calm of the true Self. We can touch into the joy that is intrinsic in all of us. It is here that true creativity flows, that connections flourish, and that peace of mind takes lasting hold. 

Today’s episode begins with a settling into the “ever-present” state. Endlessly ending and endlessly beginning.

The present moment is infinitely thin, a slender slice of time in the continuum of our lives; and yet, this tiny, tender slice of time contains all that has been in the past as it creates the makings of the future. Equally, the moment is completely fresh. The past has ended and the future has not yet begun.

“Forever is composed of nows”

~Emily Dickinson

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we have a brief discussion followed by a 20-minute guided meditation.

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