This week’s podcast is a recording of a special class we hosted at Sacred Chill {West} as a fundraiser for Raices Texas – an organization that provides legal aid to the refuge parents and children separated at the US Mexico border over these last several months.

If you listened to the previous week’s episode, you know I just talked about the tendency to feel MORE as we start meditating, and this is a perfect example of what I meant. Once our hearts are open, we can’t simply turn off the news and “not think about it”. We can’t simply assume someone else will fix it. We feel and care deeply about the suffering of others, and as we watch the unfolding of our current immigration policies, the separation of parents and children feels deeply painful to many of us.

I will pause here and offer deep gratitude to Susan Piver, one of my meditation teachers, who shared a beautiful lovingkindness meditation in honor of these refuge families last week. It touched me deeply and helped me work with the difficult and painful emotions I was struggling with. It was very much my inspiration as I created this practice.

If you too are struggling with the intensity of suffering in the world right now, I humbly offer this meditation in hopes that it provides some small measure of comfort.

May all beings everywhere be happy & free.

with love,

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash