One of the common questions I get as folks are starting their meditation practice, particularly at the beginning of the year, goes something like this:
“If meditation is all about being in the present moment, does that mean I can’t plan or set goals for my future?”

It’s a great question, and, happily, the answer is NO! You can absolutely plan, dream and intelligently craft your future as a meditator and, in fact, meditation can help you to be more clear about those goals.

Holding a measure of presence as we dream about the future invites in a new level of clarity – how does this goal make me FEEL right now? Is there an element of striving or proving here? Or does it light my soul on fire?

In today’s talk and practice, we will discuss what it really means to be present and then practice, honing our ability to concentrate and observe our inner experience.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash