Our meditation practice is a tool to help us reintegrate within our own being. To learn how to feel again. To listen to our gut, our intuition, and our hearts.

Many of us start a practice wondering, “ what does feel my breath mean?” “What do you mean feel the center of my chest?”

We learn at an early age to modify, tamp down or ignore emotion to fit in socially, and without practice, we can go our whole lives without tapping into our own inner wisdom. Happily, learning to feel again is a simple practice.

To be at home in the heart, we simply need to take up residence there. A house is a home because our coffee mug is sitting on the counter where we left it this morning. The kids’ artwork is on the fridge. And the couch sags a bit in the corner where we snuggle up to unwind each night…. It’s home because we know it deeply and intimately. We spend time there.

The same is true of our hearts. We can know our hearts as home when we claim it to be home.

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore the heart space in talk and in practice. And, be sure to join me next week as discuss the discipline it takes to stay. ♥️

Photo by Malte Fleuter on Unsplash