This month, our meditation series has worked on arriving home in the heart. Week one, we focused on the simplicity of claiming our hearts as a rightful home. Not just for yoga gurus and earthy-hippie types, all of us intrinsically know our hearts as home. How easily we forget though…

Then, we talked about the discipline of staying once we make the bold declaration to claim our hearts as home. We have to stay even when things get vulnerable and uncomfortable. For it is only in staying that we can truly know the comfort, safety and joy of home.

In this last piece, we will look at renunciation, but not in the ways you might think! Traditionally, part of the meditation practice was to give up all distractions and non-essential activities so focus could remain solely on meditation. As we practice being at home in the heart, our renunciation looks a little different. We must invoke Marie Kondo within our practice!

Marie Kondo, an organizational expert, is known for her credo to only keep things that “spark joy” and for everything else, thank it and release it. My invitation today is to do this for all that we store in our hearts – the stories, beliefs and memories – if it sparks joy, keep it! If it doesn’t, thank that piece of yourself and release it. Uncluttering our hearts so we can be clearer and more connected with ourselves <3 PS. Did you know I have a FREE meditation guide on my website? It is a must-have for starting a home meditation practice! Grab it via #meditatewithmeryl Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash