I am humbled to share this practice with you all today. You are showing up even though I’m sure many of you are experiencing feelings of I-don’t-want-to right now. Perhaps you don’t want to meditate right now because you are so uncomfortable, or angry, or disappointed, or scared, or tired, or done with waiting one more second, or all of the above.

I am humbled to share in this practice because it reminds me and us that hope is also a practice.

Hope is a practice. It is something we do rather than something we have. So too is our meditation practice. It isn’t a state to have or exhibit, it is a practice to return to on a daily basis.

Cynics don’t build the future. Those courageous enough to act from the humility of their lived experiences and the audacity of their boldest dreams, this is who builds the future.⁠ We can’t plan our way into a meaningful life. We must practice into it. We will make false steps, we will stumble, we will see small gains. We will practice. 

As Jaqueline Novogratz said, “We are made from what came before. We make ourselves out of the promises that lie ahead. And we are always in the process of becoming.”

Join me in today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we share in this process of becoming. We will start with a short talk on hope and then share in a 20-minute guided meditation practice. Now, let’s practice.

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