Traditionally, renunciation meant relinquishing all material comforts, desires, and relationships in the interest of spiritual enlightenment. And, while we don’t need to go to those extremes, I’ve found it incredibly helpful on my own path to occasionally ask, “what can I give up in support of my practice?”

This question was first posed to me by my meditation teacher, Susan Piver, and I thought about it for days… Was it supposed to be something concrete like giving up gluten or TV or wine? Was it supposed to be more ethereal like letting go of judgment, expectations, self-doubt…?

In the end, where I landed was that there is no “supposed to be” here. There is no right answer. There is only YOUR answer. What can you give up in support of your practice?

Join me for this brief talk {there is a pretty specific breakdown of what we are actually “doing” in meditation near minute 4:30) and 20-minute meditation experience.