Oh y’all… I am on vacation this week and enjoying a week of beach time. This week’s meditation is an extra special, beach-side meditation, and it’s a little different than my normal offering. If you listen to The Mindful Minute often, you know that I am a devoted practitioner of mindfulness meditation. The practice of being present, without judgment and with compassion. The downside of this type of practice is that you don’t get a guarantee of feeling good during meditation. If you are feeling super stressed or sad, you’ll feel ALL of that stress or sadness during your practice…. It is fabulous in the long-term, but in the short-term it can be tough.

While on vacation, sometimes I just want a little extra goodness… to feel relaxed. And today’s meditation is that little bit extra to help us relax. This practice is great for days when you are feeling overwhelmed, too many thoughts in your head, or just wanting an extra sweet practice.


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