Mindfulness Meditation is often described with the image of a bird – one of the bird’s wings is “presence/awareness” and the other wing is “heartfulness”. This heartfulness is the cultivation of compassion. It is both part of the practice itself and part of the outcome of the practice.

Gregory Boyle defines compassion as “to be in awe of what someone has to carry, rather than to stand in judgment of how they carry it.” 

Let’s just pause for a moment and take that in… … … So. Powerful.

And, what we know to be true is that real compassion cannot exist unless it begins with the Self. We can’t run out and save the world when we are quietly ripping ourselves to shreds inside. We can’t care for others when we are falling apart ourselves. So, let’s talk compassion. Let’s talk about how to practice it in tangible ways. Let’s talk about what to do when what is going on inside is too intense to be with in any way, especially a kind way.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute for a discussion and practice centered around compassion. Let’s cultivate awe together. 

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