Today’s class is the 3rd installment in our Begin Again series. This series was designed to help you start and maintain a consistent meditation practice, and today’s offering is, for me at least, the most important element in keeping a meditation practice consistent –


Sangha is both a community and a deep spiritual practice. Sangha is the love, understanding and support for our own journey. Like many of you, I started my meditation practice by finding an app and trying to do it at home. I was gung-ho at first; excited to be doing this thing that was supposed to change everything for the better….

But, somewhere in that 10 – 21 day mark, I got a little bored. Nothing was really happening. There were too many “more important” to dos on that daily list. I just sort of… FORGOT…

Sangha is the piece that helped me remember. Grab your headphones and join me for a talk and a sit today. Join me in this community <3 #meditatewithmeryl