Well, y’all… I’m practicing what I preach today! If you’ve listened for awhile, you know that this podcast is usually a recording of my live Monday night meditation class, and, this Monday, I was supposed to kick-off the New Year with the start of my “Begin Again” meditation series…

But, Monday night I was home with a sick baby recovering from croup, and I had to miss teaching. So, this week’s podcast episode is a recording of my Wednesday night class which is a compassion-based meditation practice. I hope this serves you as much as it served me this week!!

When our plans fall apart, when the list of “not-done” far outweighs the “done” it can be easy to fall into a small, tight mind. A mind that is silently and never-endingly repeating “not enough” “not enough” “not enough” and a spiral of thoughts about what else will fall apart because things didn’t get done….

And, the truth is, we can’t change the moment. Sometimes it is just going to be a moment of suffering… AND, we can meet these moments with a practiced compassion to perhaps ease our suffering somewhat.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the two mini-practices I’ve added to start and end my day for 2020. Both of these practices are centered on mindful self-compassion and the ways we can expand this out to all those we come into contact with throughout our days and our lives. 

May we all start the year as a compassionate mess rather than a hot mess!!

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