As the days of quarantine tick by, I’ve discovered a new, intense mental rhythm to daily life. It is marked by many, cyclical, consuming thoughts that often take the shape of planning:

  1. What will I offer the kids for school
  2. When will I work
  3. When will my partner work
  4. What will we eat
  5. Who do I need to call and check on.
  6. I should make a list.
  7. Repeat. 

For others that I’ve talked with, their days too have a new mental rhythm. It goes something like: 

  1. I can’t deal with this.
  2. I need to lie down.
  3. Someone else pls tell me what to do.
  4. Repeat.

BOTH of these are stress responses. BOTH are totally normal. And, BOTH keep us trapped. We are trapped by thoughts and stuck living only in our actual brains. As if there was no body beneath these giant heads of ours. 

Up here in the head, things get very tight. Very small. Very narrow. There is little joy here. So, I offer an invitation today – 

Let’s reconnect to feeling. Let’s awaken our senses and our sense of awe. Let’s reacquaint ourselves with beauty.

This is not to diminish your experience of this pandemic. This is not to chide or shame or suggest you are doing anything wrong. This is not to create the appearance of meditation allowing you to be perfect in tough moments. I firmly believe that if we let ourselves feel in this moment, we will each discover grief here.


And, we have to keep living. 

We only get this ONE wild & precious life, to quote Mary Oliver, and I’m not about to dump a whole year into the garbage and I hope you aren’t either!!

My belief is that if we want our lives to have a sense of fullness, we need to find a way to appreciate beauty. 

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore our capacity to feel seemingly conflicting emotions in the exact same moment. We will talk and then share in a guided meditation for about 20 minutes.

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