I want to talk about letting go today. Today marks week FOUR of our shelter-in-place, our quarantine. 

And, the longer I sit and meditate and breathe and work and live and love in this time, the more I realize there has never been such a moment of “Both. And.”

We are home and resting AND we have never worked harder and are exhausted.

We are meditating AND freaking out on our kids.

We are acknowledging the silver linings AND we are in the throws of profound grief.

We are organizing and cleaning and gardening AND we are drinking too much, eating too much and wishing we could just go see our friends.

Both. And.

This is the moment we must LET GO of convention and constraints. This is the moment we must let go of the shoulds, the coulds and the pressures of self-inflicted guilt. 

There is so much pressure right now to do and be a certain way, and yet none of us have done this before. Who is to say there is a right way to live through a pandemic?

And, so our practice today is to work with the phrase Real and Not True. It is an invitation to eat rules for breakfast. It is catching the judgments that cause pain, and the beliefs that may not actually be true for us.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore what is both real and not true in this moment. We will sit together for a 20-minute guided meditation at the end.

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