What is working for you right now? Has anything felt easy? Has there been an auspiciousness or a synchronicity that has shown itself to you? Even something that has just made you go… hmmm.⁠

These questions are not to lessen anyone’s pure struggle and grief in this moment; rather it is to draw attention to our relationship to TIME.⁠

Unknown to many of us, there are TWO ideas of time out there. Chronos and Kairos.⁠

Chronos is what we know {sort of} as clock time. The time invented to allow for scheduling, accomplishing and always for rushing. ⁠

Chronos is the battle cries we are beginning to hear in response to the Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders of “open the economy. open. open.”⁠

Kairos is something different. Kairos is mythic time, divine time, timelessness. This is when we sit inside a single moment as it unfolds and it changes the entire trajectory of our lives.⁠

And this moment that we are in right now, well this moment is so fractured and confused and has so thoroughly jumbled all that we know, and it is just this type of moment that often opens us up to what is timeless. It is the clarity amid the chaos.⁠

We find this clarity through our meditation practice with patience and precision. The patience to stay in the present moment; the precision to feel and to allow what we feel.

The gift is what we walk away with. ⁠

If like me, you are feeling a new swell of anxiety over when will the world re-open; will it be too soon; what will happen next… I hope this invitation into a different awareness of time might help bring alignment and an ease in decision and action.⁠

May we all be well and live with ease.

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