This month’s meditation series is titled Deeper Connection, and it is all about how our meditation practice translates off the mat. I am so excited to explore this with y’all because really this is my meditation passion.

I don’t meditate because it feels good {although often it does} or looks cool {clearly it does} or because “mindfulness” is all the rage these days. I meditate because I am a mom, a business owner, a partner and I live in city with some of the country’s worst traffic. Stress isn’t going anywhere so I decided to find a new way to relate to it. I meditate because I want to enjoy my life – all of it – even the traffic-y parts!

This series is going to examine how we pull our meditation experiences off the cushion through deep listening, deep speaking & deep questioning.

Tune into today’s episode as we delve into deep listening through discussion and a guided meditation at the end.

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