Our August meditation series has been based on how we connect our meditation practice to our real life. Deeper Connection is about connecting the stillness and reflection of meditation into the on-the-go, action of our day-to-day lives. As we talked about the last few weeks, this connection begins with Deep Listening, followed by Deep Speaking, and today, in our final installment of this series, we look at Deep Questioning.

Questioning is foundational to the meditative path. This is a first person practice, meaning you can’t gain benefit from reading about it, or listening to someone talk about it; you must practice using your experience as the laboratory.

In some of the older texts about meditation, you will see a Pali word – Ehipassiko – as part of the teachings. Ehipassiko translates as “come and see for yourself.” Don’t believe something just because you hear it, or read about it, or some {very wise ;-} teacher said it… Try it for yourself.

Mark Nepo reminds us that “the sign of a good question is that the questioner is more alive for having asked it.”

What questions are you asking today?

Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we stop talking. Stop doing.
We listen deeply.
We speak authentically.
And, we ask the questions that matter.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash