A student once asked the Buddha:

“Are you a god?” He responded, “no.”

“Are you a regular person, then?” He responded, “no.”

“What are you?” He responded, “I am awake.”

In The Way of the Pilgrim, a story about a Christian Monk, the only instruction he receives from his teacher is to pray without ceasing. When we practice mindfulness, our instruction is to be awake without ceasing. 

In a recent newsletter, Maria Popova of Brain Pickings {http://brainpickings.org} wrote of fall and impermanence as a time that “reminds us to cherish the beauty of life not despite its pershability but because of it.”

When we think of the element of devotion within a mindfulness practice, it is all of this and more. It can be a practice of prayer. It is a practice of awakening. Devotion appears in many forms but all of them share the thread of love. Devotion within our practice is an inherent quality as we grow our awareness of connection, compassion and everyday beauty. 

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we are wrapping up our series on Discipline & Devotion with a deep dive into what it means to practice devotion within our meditations. Tune in today for our discussion and 20-minute practice.

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