This month’s meditation series is a look at the many facets of disconnection, and how we can use it as a tool for reconnection.

One of the things I discovered on my own personal meditation journey is that I misunderstood disconnection as a tool for self-care.

When I felt stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling the need to unplug, my method of disconnection was actually a method of distraction – binge watching TV, reading, listening to a podcast… Things that let me either ignore what’s stressing me out OR end up inspiring new ideas and things to do!

But when we have moments of overwhelm, we don’t need more ideas or inspiration.

We need quiet.

In order to reconnect with the calm center in each of us, we must actually disconnect. Meaning not fill the space with anything. Simply relaxing into what is and allowing it to be so. This is the method of care that enlivens and restores us to back to ourselves.

Tune in to today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we begin this first exploration into Disconnecting to Reconnect.

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