“A meditation master from Thailand’s forest tradition came to visit the US several years ago. After just a short time here, he said rather bemusedly, “In Asia, the classical sequence of the teachings and practice is first generosity, then morality, and then meditation. But here in the US, the sequence seems to be meditation, then morality, and after some time, as a kind of appendix, there is some teaching about generosity. What’s going on here?”  ~Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we are tracing our way back to the very beginning… to the first teachings of generosity and why this is such a crucial quality. Some call it the springboard of all liberating qualities. We give to free others and equally to free ourselves. We give to let go, to reconnect.

Jack Kornfield reminds us,

“When a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees is the saint’s pockets.”

When we are lost in desire our hearts are closed. We are unable to reconnect in that moment. Letting go; giving generously – this is the cure.

Today, let’s start our generosity practice by giving freely of our time. Allowing ourselves the full 20-minute guided meditation at the end of today’s episode. And, let’s continue this generous giving all week. Let me know; how does it affect you?

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