In this month’s series, we have already explored several tools we can use to help us reconnect to ourselves. We discussed the importance of loving kindness and simply being still {part 1} as well as cultivating freedom through generosity {part 2.}

In this third and final piece of our Disconnect to Reconnect meditation series, we are discussing integrity and how it fits into our meditation practice. We can’t just “do” meditation. To practice it fully and effectively, we must do the groundwork first that allows us to process information in a new way. One part of this important groundwork is integrity.

Brené Brown defines integrity this way:

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what’s right over what is fast, fun or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”

Tune in today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we dive into what it means to practice integrity and to remind ourselves that we can only connect to others as much as we can connect within ourselves.

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