With the unseasonably gorgeous and cool evenings here in Atlanta lately, I’ve found myself called to do some walking meditation in the evenings. Recently, as I mindfully traced my path across my driveway, my present moment was filled with the Blue Star Creeper, the Weeping Peach and the scent of Gardenia. And, in the periphery I kept noticing a fluttering…

At the end of the walk, I sat down for a few final minutes and, as I often do, I pulled an animal spirit card from a deck for guidance. I pulled the hummingbird. The hummingbird represents the sweetness of life. Of being present to the full sweetness of whatever this moment in your life has to offer…

This isn’t to say that every moment could or should be easy. It is a real practice to pay attention, to search for, the sweetness in each moment. 

In our meditation practice, I think the sweetness comes from taking our time. It comes from luxuriating in the stillness rather than approach practice with a “hurry up, I ONLY have 10 minutes”. Instead can our attitude reflect, “I have TEN WHOLE MINUTES to be still with myself.” What sweetness can we draw from this?

As you tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute I encourage you to take your time. Listen and luxuriate fully. Draw the sweetness out of the moment.

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