In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we are taking a look deep inside the brain to understand what is actually happening when we meditate, especially as we start to lighten up and enjoy life more! 

Have you ever wondered if your meditation practice is working? If so, this is the episode to help you answer that question!

Let’s look at our normal, non-meditative life first… For most of us, we are living in a never-ending ping-pong game of stress. Something happens {you stub your toe} and it HURTS {this is pain 1}, and almost immediately your brain screams “WHO MOVED THAT CHAIR?!?!?!?” {pain 2 is the anger directed towards self or others}.

The real bummer is that pain 2 primes our brain for more fear and anger so the next thing hurts MORE and we get angrier quicker. This doesn’t sound like much of a fun life, does it??

Yet, if we develop a meditation practice, we can trace our way through the 4 clear stages of awakening and see the shift away from pain 2 as well as the lessening of pain 1. Hello to a lighter, perhaps more fun life!

Tune into today’s episode to find out which stage of awakening you are currently in and what you have to look forward to if you keep meditating! And, if you want to geek-out on the brain facts from today’s episode, consider picking up Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson & Richard Mendius. It is a fantastic look at what is happening in the brain as we grow a meditation habit. 

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