The more I pay attention, the more I realize how much energy I spend trying to control every second of my life. I want things to look, feel, and behave a certain way at all times, and when it doesn’t {which is often}, it creates stress and struggle. You do too?

October’s meditation series, Giving It Up to Grace, is a lesson in releasing the control we so falsely believe we hold over every waking moment. Invoking a spirit of grace within our meditation practice is what allows meditation to feel like an “effortless effort” rather than a battle of will with your mind.

In this month’s series, we will explore 4 different kinds of grace {allowing for all beliefs and non-beliefs to engage in this exploration}, and we will learn why invoking this quality within our meditation practice impacts the depth of our meditations as well as the ways we move through our daily lives. 

Today’s episode of The Mindful Minute explores the cosmic force of grace within the universe itself. Often, we tap into this energy in experiences with nature. For me, listening to the sound of someone witnessing a total eclipse, and the first time I stepped foot in the desert are two memorable moments when the grace of the universe was palpable.

We can invite this same energy into our meditation practice and into our ordinary lives. I believe we need this now more than ever. With the pain and struggle of 2020, it often feels like too much for the logical mind. Too much for reasoning or for explanation. In order to make it though with a sense of hope, with engagement and with wakefulness, I believe we must invoke a spirit of grace to help us make it through. 

Give it a try for yourself in today’s meditation practice and let’s see what happens…

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