This month’s meditation series, Giving It Up to Grace, is an exploration of 4 types of grace that can serve as tools for deepening our experiences both on the meditation cushion and in our daily lives.

We started the series last week {part 1} by tapping into the mystical, cosmic forces of the universe, and using the beauty of a sunset or the majesty of a mountain as a way into something deeper within ourselves. 

Alternatively, many of us will find a deepening of practice and an awakening of heart through the direct grace of self. The very essence of grace is trusting ourselves as capable of discovering our own deepest truths. 

Grace is not something we either have or don’t have, as Sharon Salzberg describes in her book Faith, “it is an inner quality that unfolds as we learn to trust our own deepest experiences.”

In Pali, the original language of these teachings, the word often used for faith/trust/grace is “saddha” and it more directly translates as

“To place the heart upon”

This is an invitation to give our hearts over to our practice.

Not to hold back or to judge, but to say yes to each and every inner experience.

YES to the daydream

YES to the repetitive thoughts

YES to falling asleep

YES to the blah and YES to majesty.

As we trust what unfolds, the unfolding becomes more meaningful.

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