I’ve been in a reflective mood lately – a new baby and big birthdays will do that to you… And, this past weekend, I caught myself wondering “How is this my life?”

“How did I get here?”

These questions were asked with joy, amazement and gratitude for this moment in my life, and I was aware that often these questions are asked amidst suffering. Often this questions hurt because

1. You LOVE the moment you are in and don’t want it to change {and you know it will…}

2. This is a difficult moment and it feels like it will NEVER change…

Two sides of the same coin – impermanence. Everything changes.

In today’s episode we will discuss this ever-changing life, how to approach change without despair and instead to approach by just doing the next right thing. Join me for discussion and a 20-minute meditation practice at the end.

photo by @steve3p_0 on Unsplash