Grow is the word I chose for my 2019 intention, and as I started working with this word, what arrived was to rest more, savor more and laugh more. Not items I would typically associate with growth, but as I explore these individual ideas, the ways they support growth became evident quickly.

In today’s episode, we explore REST – not sleep rest and not chilling-on-the-couch rest, but the deep rest that comes from getting still.

As she describes the sacredness of the ordinary, author Deborah Adele says, “I have found that when the sense of wonder leaves me, when everything becomes dull and ordinary, it is because I have kept too fast a pace for too long. I have pushed past my own boundaries and now I am out of balance. It is time to rest.”

Let’s start this month’s meditation practice with the concept of rest and reclaiming our boundaries and our balance. Join me for today’s talk and 20-minute meditation practice. Then, let me know the ways in which you rest {@merylarnett}.

**In this class as well as a few upcoming classes, you will here some student-teachers co-teaching with me <3 So proud of these students for deepening their practice and taking this next step. The sound quality is a touch off for this first one. I'll be sure to manage better for the next one 🙂 ** ***Did you know I have a FREE Meditation Starter Kit on my website It is full of my favorite tips, stories and ideas for starting and maintaining a daily meditation practice. Grab your copy today!*** #meditatewithmeryl