In this month’s meditation series, we are exploring “How to Grow” – either externally as in a job promotion, growing a family, etc. – or internally, as in your personal growth as a being on this planet…

We started last week {see previous episode} with the idea that stillness might just be the missing key to growth. Rather than thinking of growth as a constant doing or a constant motion, what if we use stillness as an act of gathering our “less visible resources” {Pico Iyer} to propel us forward wisely?

From this place of stillness, now we must SAVOR… As a meditation teacher, I often give the instruction to “savor the breath” and this instruction comes from a very real place. I can clearly remember the moment I FINALLY understood the instruction “feel your breath”… For ages it seemed, I was trying to meditate, trying to “focus on my breath” and really what I was doing was talking to myself about the breath “does it feel cool or warm today?” “wow, my breath feels really shallow today…” etc.

And, then one day I kinda gave up. I mentally threw my hands up, slumped back in my chair and just stopped trying. It was then, clear as day, I suddenly felt the luxury of the breath as it moved in my nose. There were no words to say. There was nothing to understand. I just felt.

When you look up “savor” in the dictionary, it says, “to taste and enjoy completely” and this is exactly what we do with our breath in meditation. We experience the breath and enjoy it completely.

What does this have to do with growth? More than you might think! Tune into today’s episode of The Mindful Minute to explore the art of savoring along with a 20-minute meditation practice.

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