A few weeks ago I heard a quote that stopped me in my tracks. In an interview with photographer and writer Teju Cole, he said, “If we are all so woke, why are things so terrible?”

I’ve been turning this over in my head for weeks now, and ultimately, I’ve pulled it out of the larger context in which he offered these words to reflect on them in the smaller space of our individual lives.

You see, most of us have an innate tendency to view life as if it is a problem that we must fix. “If I can line up all these things just so… THEN I’ll be happy!”

And, inevitably, when things do go wrong we take it as a sign that we are failing in some way. Hello, shame! Great to see you again… The feeling of shame triggers our coping mechanisms, whatever they are, and often that reinforces the belief that life is a problem needing to be fixed. You see the cycle here?

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, I share three key steps we learn within our meditation practice to help negate that negative view of life. Rather than viewing life as a problem, what if we simply laughed more?

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