Happy June, meditators! This month our community intention at Sacred Chill {West} is JOYFUL EFFORT <3 As we think about summer there is a carefree, exciting hum of energy that often accompanies the expectation of the next many weeks. And, yet as adults, most of us will still get up and go to work. We will still be responsible for bills, laundry and dirty dishes. The normalcy of life goes on right along side this feeling of summertime… This seems to be a perfect parallel to our meditation practice. There is often an expectation of feeling peaceful, joyous, or maybe just calm, and yet the truth of meditation is we are just sitting there, feeling our breath and noticing our 1,000,000,000 thoughts. #notpeacefulnotjoyousnotcalm And, so we kick-off this month’s meditation series, Joyful Effort, with a look at the juxtaposition of the mundane and the joyous. Tune in for this week’s introduction to the series as well as a look at one of meditation’s most common complaints: “I don’t have enough time!” #meditatewithmeryl