Within our mindfulness meditation practice, the piece that always receives primary billing is the PRACTICE itself. The effort of concentration or continually returning our mind to the object of focus – most often our breath.

However, there is an equally important second aspect of the practice that we will focus on in this month’s meditation series – detachment or letting go. 

Detachment is the act of releasing all the things we do while “practicing.”  When we practice something we are trying to get better, aren’t we?

My son is taking spanish lessons and the expectation is he will get good-ish at speaking spanish one day. And, I know I don’t have to tell you, the devil is in those expectations. 

So too with our meditation practice.  We EXPECT to get ‘better’ at meditating. 

We expect to

  • get calm
  • get quiet
  • get happy
  • feel better
  • see something
  • hear something
  • have some sort of mystical experience

And without the tenant of ‘letting go’ we can get ourselves in quite a tangle. Letting go is the act of disengaging with the normal ways we try to control and understand ourselves within any given moment. 

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore the first level of letting go within our meditation practice. 

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