This week’s practice is a subtle one. The last level of letting go is to let go of the thoughts, and, deeper still, to let go of identifying as the thinker. You see, we are both the one who thinks AND the one who knows that it is thinking.

My favorite metaphor for this is to think of the road outside your house or office. Cars drive by, sometimes many, sometimes a few… and never, do you jump up mid-sentence, run outside and get into one of these random cars to go for a ride. 

Our meditation practice helps us to see our thoughts as these cars. Sometimes many, sometimes a few, but almost always we let our thoughts take us for a spin. We get in, we check out the upholstery, notice the transmission, and then see a shiny thought up ahead so we jump out and get into that thought instead…

Let’s go a little further –

When you are in a car, how many other cars can you see? The one in front of you for sure; maybe if you are paying attention you are aware of the cars to either side or behind you, so maybe four cars total? 

But what if you get out of the car and sit on the side of the road? How many cars do you see now? You can see them all. Your view, in fact your very being, becomes more expansive.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore what it looks like to let go of identifying yourself as the thinker and how that impacts your ability to expand.

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