First, a short announcement from me about my studio, Sacred Chill {West} and the future of live, virtual classes with me, and then…

The Dalai Lama is releasing a new album, Inner World, on July 6 in conjunction with his 85 birthday. This album is His Holiness’ teachings and mantras set to music, and it is fairly significant because this is the first time he has ever released mantras to music as a practice.

As I was reflecting on this new offering, I thought it might be interesting to talk to y’all about the different styles of meditation out there. I often get questions about varying types of meditation, and today, I will break down the major differences between some of these well-known styles of meditation. At the end of class, we will do a 20-minute guided meditation using a mantra practice {don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything out loud!}.

While mantra practice is a departure from how I normally teach meditation, it is quite often a part of my personal meditation practice. With the double bonus of giving your mind a tool to assist in concentration AND offering subtle intentions to the deepest part of your consciousness, it is a powerful practice and one that is very accessible to beginners. Join me in today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we look at a few of the different types of meditation {yep; I’ll talk about TM} and try a new practice together. 

Practice with me live each Monday as I record this podcast. My virtual meditation class includes time for Q&A and to connect with me personally!

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