I couldn’t be more excited to share today’s episode with you. Today, I am sharing a conversation with my favorite artist, Kim Krans, about the intersection of meditation and creativity. Kim is a visionary artist, author, and creator of The New York Times bestseller The Wild Unknown Tarot. Kim and I share some yoga teachers in our backgrounds, and I’ve found her art to be incredibly inspiring in my own practice.

I had the opportunity to interview Kim exactly one year to the day of when she started drawing her new graphic memoir, Blossoms & Bones. In this episode, we talk about how to practice when there are so many practices out there calling our names, about drawing the feeling, archetypes, and the practice of exploring timelessness.

Do not miss the six minute meditation Kim guides us through at the end. It is a brief taste of how to take something as esoteric as timelessness and invite it into our meditation practice. And, lastly, if you are struggling with the right/wrong duality of this moment, listen out for her suggestion on working with the infinity symbol as a way to balance that energy. Seriously, mind blown.

You can learn more about Kim by visiting kimkrans.com

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