Speaking on the day of the Las Vega tragedy, I don’t have any answers. I don’t have any action plans or suggestions, even. But, I am sharing my thoughts around cultivating compassion, the importance of meditating and the importance of action.

It has always been my teaching that we meditate to get clear, to feel connected & compassionate, and then from that place we get up and ACT. We stand up against injustice, inequality and a lack of safety. Yet, in a recent sitting with Buddhist monk & teacher Gen Mondrub Kelsang, his teaching was an encouragement to sit. Just sit. To touch and cultivate peace and trust that this alone is the work. His teaching reminded us that we must get clear so that our actions are wise. That we aren’t rushing to help because in some hidden way, it supports our ego.

Initially, I shook my head. Crossed my arms and said “nope.” Not my teachings. I think we must act and meditating alone isn’t enough. And, then while driving to teach Monday morning, I heard the horrible news of the Las Vegas shootings. And, my immediate reaction was what can I DO?! I must fix this messed up, awful world. I must… I must… I must do….

And, then, so clear that I almost stepped on the brakes to physically stop myself, I understood Gen Mondrub’s teaching. My immediate response was to try and control. To fix. To do. All of it because in some ways it would make me feel better… So I sat. I sat 3 times on Monday, and again today. I’ll keep sitting and getting clear, and when action is apparent, I’ll act too.

Offered with love,

If you would like to skip right to today’s meditation, please start at 4:10.