Oh, loves. It has been a year thus far, hasn’t it?! Murder hornets, pandemics, and long-overdue demands for social justice have asked much of our emotional resiliency. As I’ve worked with students to navigate these times, I’ve realized that I’m relying on much of my experience in teaching mindfulness for PTSD {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder}.

For several years, I was lucky enough to work alongside brilliant psychotherapists and social workers as we offered tools to those working through PTSD and substance abuse. While we won’t all receive a formal diagnosis of PTSD, most of us are working through the experiences of trauma in our daily lives.

All of us can apply specific mindfulness techniques to help us navigate these tricky times with as much emotional resiliency as possible. 

The goal is not to avoid hard times, but to know without doubt that you can survive these times.

When we are feeling the impact of traumatic stress one of the primary feelings is of powerlessness. Therefore, the antidote is to begin to regain a sense of power during our days. This meditation series will look at some of the key steps towards regaining that sense of power and learning to be more comfortable with the acknowledgement that there is very little we can actually control. Let’s start with presence. Get here, in this moment, now.

Join me for today’s episode of The Mindful Minute as we explore what it takes to build emotional resilience through meditation. 

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