This month, my meditation series has been focused on building emotional resilience. We are learning how to use the tools of meditation to help us not only survive tough times but more so to thrive in our daily lives. Today’s episode, the final installment of this series, is my personal favorite because I think it is the game-changing practice. 

It is the practice of cultivating compassion to take back power. Yep. Compassion equals power.

Let me explain. When we are stuck in the tough feelings created by traumatic experiences {fear, shame, anxiety, uncertainty, anger} we are also stuck in what is called our “reptilian” mind. This part of our brain is not evolved or complex in any way. When we are here, we are mostly stuck here, just surviving.

Today’s meditation practice is one that helps us move out of our “reptilian” mind and into the more evolved, complex part of our mind. I’m going to call it the wise mind. 

Developing emotional resilience, in large part, requires us to be able to shift ourselves out of our reptilian mind and into our wise mind. We need to be able to ask ourselves smart questions like 

  • What is going on right now?
  • What am I feeling in my body?
  • What am I believing right now? Or
  • What story am I telling myself right now? 

And then, rather than try to logic away a harsh feeling, we practice with compassion. We use the practice of cultivating a warmth of heart to take power away from singular emotions and give that power to our wise minds, where we can make conscious choices and regain a sense of joy in our days.

Join me for today’s dharma talk and 20-minute guided meditation where we learn one of the ancient meditation techniques offered in The Yoga Sutra and how it is still relevant to our modern day lives.

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