Today, I’m introducing the second, simple teaching in this series on Mindful Living…

Wear nice clothes.

Why on earth would I talk about clothes right now? I’m clearly not a fashionista and I definitely am not one to do lots of clothes shopping… yet this teaching, Wear Nice Clothes, is a relevant one and especially valuable this time of year.

This teaching reminds us draw our confidence from the outside in when we need it. Dressing in a way that reminds us of our wholeness and value. Dressing in a way that makes us feel at home in our bodies.

Please, please hear me when I say, this teaching is NOT to go out and buy new clothes!!! It doesn’t matter if your clothes are new, old, fancy or fashionable. The only thing that matters is how they make you feel.

Curious about this teaching? Tune in to today’s talk and meditation on The Mindful Minute to find out why clothing matters and what Thich Nhat Hanh has to say about it….