Happy Thanksgiving my friends! However you choose to spend today (in celebration, in remembrance, with friends and family or without) I hope you take time to connect mindfully to the moment.

This time of year can often feel like a whirlwind and sometimes we look back and think, “did I even take time to enjoy the day?!”. All this month, I’ve been sharing some of the simplest teachings to help make sure we are present and awake for the day-to-day. We cleaned, we’ve clothed, and today, we eat!

Today’s teaching is to Eat Good Food.

Not to eat a certain way because someone told you to. Not to eat fancy. Or More. Or Less. Simply and clearly, eat good food. Eat the very best version you can access of whatever it is you are eating. Eat it slowly. While sitting down. Preferably at a clean table that is set with the tools you need. Maybe a candle or flowers… Take a bite and use your senses. All of them. Experience that first taste. Be fully present to what nourishes you.

Today’s meditation practice is a reminder to connect to our five senses and to use them as an anchor to the present moment. It is short, simple and valuable! Join me, and enjoy your day!

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash