Sometimes within our meditation practice, we simply desire a story. We follow a thought that arises because it is interesting –

We dissect that dream from last night.

We rehearse the argument we will have with our partner later.

We think through a problem at work.

We write the next chapter of our novels…

And, sometimes it can be SO good. The idea that arises is brillant! The problem is solved! I SHOULD reflect on this yummy philosophical exploration…. However, even though we might still be seated on the cushion, we have stopped meditating at this point. We have lost our concentration and our detachment; instead of meditating, we are thinking. 

Today’s mini meditation is a chance to practice letting go of those desires, no matter how good the thoughts, and return to a deeper meditative experience. Join me!

These mini meditations are meant to support a daily home practice. Tune in every Monday to find your practice for the week! Full episodes are released every Thursday for a longer, deeper practice.

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