If you’ve discovered each time you sit to meditate lately, you are overcome with feelings of discomfort {too many thoughts, too much tension or anxiety in the body, too busy, etc.} then this is the class for you. 

Over the last few months, as I’ve sat to meditate, I’ve noticed a literal feeling of “tangle” in my chest. A tight, anxious, moving feeling that immediately makes me want squash it. ⁠

Don’t feel that. ⁠

Stop it. ⁠

Ignore it. ⁠

I’ve tried it all, and the truth is, no matter how temporarily successful I might be, there that d*mn feeling is again the next time I sit… At some point, in the midst of this feeling and the war of thoughts it inspires, I heard so clearly, “love the tangle.”⁠

Love the tangle. Put your hand on your heart, and I say, “I feel you. I hear you. I acknowledge you.” Allow the tangle to be here. Soften the edges, if you can. And, gently, so gently, turn your awareness towards the breath. Every thread of breath gliding to and through that tangle, spreading light and space in its wake. Not to eliminate the tangle, no, but rather to create safe space for it just to be a part of this momentary experience. ⁠

Let’s practice this together in today’s mini-meditation from The Mindful Minute.

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