This meditation starts with a story…. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom far, far away. There was a king. A queen. And, a fearsome dragon who made living far too uncomfortable. The king went to beg for relief and the dragon offered, “I will leave your village alone if you will give me your daughter as my wife.”

The King & Queen discussed this proposition with their daughter, and playing the role of good daughters everywhere, she acquiesced, but, this daughter was also wise. So the good daughter pays a visit to the Crone, who tells her, “Fear not, my dear. You must buy 7 wedding dresses…” and then whispers some more in her ear.

The day of the wedding comes, and that evening, the dragon says to the Princess, “well my dear, why don’t you take off your wedding dress and let’s retire to the marital chamber…”

The Princess responds, “Yes, dear. But I need to ask for a sign of our equality in this marriage. For every article of clothing I remove, I want you to remove one too.” The Dragon agrees. And so the bride removes her first wedding dress and the dragon removes a layer of spikes. And the second dress, and a layer of scales. And this continues until all that is left is… you guessed it… a handsome prince:-)

This undressing, this vulnerability is at the heart of our meditation practice. It is essentially what we are doing each time we sit. We are removing our scales and our spikes to sit with ourselves in a tender way. 

Join me for this short practice as our chance to unglove ourselves for the day.

These mini meditations are meant to support a daily home practice. Tune in every Monday to find your practice for the week! Full episodes are released every Thursday for a longer, deeper practice.

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