Whew. These times are intense y’all. News of Coronavirus seems to have consumed most of our attention these days and is keeping our nervous systems and our brains on HIGH alert. The stress and anxiety is real and not helpful. So, today I’m sharing the practice I am relying on to keep me steady and C H I L L these days…

Metta {compassion-based meditation} is a traditional meditation practice that was offered as an *antidote to fear*

I used it daily during my postpartum anxiety. I return to it daily in this moment of uncertainty and anxiety swirling around our day-to-day lives. Tune into today’s mini-meditation as a daily practice you can do to acknowledge all that you feel without letting yourself become consumed by it.

As my business partner recently wrote, “let us not look away or over consume media. Let us not dissolve into sheer panic even as there is fear that deserves to be acknowledged.

Let us be consistent, grounded, and intentional in our response and actions. For us, this is the chill way.”

Let’s chill.

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