Today’s mini meditation is an invitation to give our hearts over to our meditation practice.

Not to hold back or to judge, but to say yes to each and every inner experience.

YES to the daydream

YES to the repetitive thoughts

YES to falling asleep

YES to the blah and YES to majesty.

As we trust what unfolds, the unfolding becomes more meaningful.

Join me for today’s mini episode of The Mindful Minute. Within this meditation, you will hear a few beautiful phrases inviting our bodies, minds and hearts deeper into the practice. These phrases were originally written by meditation teacher Sally Kempton and are discussed in more detail in the 10/15/20 episode of The Mindful Minute “Giving It Up to Grace {part 2}”. Enjoy!

These mini meditations are meant to support a daily home practice. Tune in every Monday to find your practice for the week! Full episodes are released every Thursday for a longer, deeper practice.

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