Recently, the question was posed to me, “are you practicing out of discipline or is there an element of devotion?” and it simply stopped me in tracks. What has happened to my practice?!

Of course, it started with intention, excitement, curiosity… but overtime, in moments of too busy, it sometimes can feel a little rote. Sometimes it can be too rushed. Too much focus on crossing it off the daily to do list…

The same happens to making dinner at night. To cleaning up my home. To all of life’s repetitive chores. We can forget the meaning behind them. We can take for granted the elements of grace that so plainly show themselves to us on a daily basis.

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we are wrapping up our Miracles in the Mundane series with a look at how we can infuse our daily practice with a sense of the sacred. It is an invitation to connect with your intention and to explore some simple ways to keep our practice infused with the devotion of care.

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