How does meditation continue to nourish us even as it becomes routine in our lives?

This month’s meditation series is an exploration of keeping our practice fresh and sacred over time, or starting a practice that feels integral to our daily lives.

In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we begin, perhaps unsurprisingly, with each of us as individuals. We so desperately want to hand the responsibility of engagement to someone else – a teacher, an app, a group… but, like all hard things, it can only happen within.

Dr. Brene Brown speaks of integrity when she encourages us to

Choose courage over comfort.
Choose what’s right over what is fun, fast and easy.
Practice our values rather than professing them.

These instructions are valuable reminders as we search for ways to stay dedicated to the magical and the mundane within our meditation practice.

The original meditation practitioners had the exact same tools as us and used meditation as a pathway to enlightenment. We, too, must have confidence in our own wakefulness. Trust is built in the most mundane of moments, it is built in the repetition of our practice.

Tune in today as we explore this first pathway towards Nourishing Our Practice.

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